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Death Valley: 2019 Wildflower Update

Published April 16, 2019

Wildflowers bring life to the desert. Contrary to its name, Death Valley comes alive with color and life in the spring. While the park is famous for its rare and spectacular wildflower displays, flowers are never totally absent in the off years. When conditions are right, the hills and valleys explode into a carpet of gold, purple, pink or white flowers. Deep soaking rain is essential for a desert floral display. To begin, a rainstorm of a half inch or more is needed to wash the protective coating off wildflower seeds and allow them to sprout. For plants to continue growing, rainstorms must come at evenly-spaced intervals throughout the winter and spring. Superblooms are fleeting, but they leave a lasting impression with park visitors and attract large numbers of pollinators such as butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. Check out the park’s annual wildflower update for the best times and trails to visit.

As of April 12, 2019, Death Valley has not received the early seasonal rains needed to have a spring superbloom. The park did receive rains later in the winter season, but too late to have an effect the 2019 bloom. Without the rains needed to germinate the seeds, the plants that would bloom did not grow until too late in the season. Any blooming we see now would be very sparse and short-lived due to the oncoming heat.

There are some smaller sections of blooming along Highway 190 and in the southern ends of the park.

The 2,000 ft elevation to 3,000 ft elevation range is starting to bloom - especially off of Beatty Cutoff Road and Daylight Pass Road.

The park is NOT experiencing a superbloom in the lower elevations of Death Valley.

Where and when will there be wildflowers blooming in 2019?

The parts of the park at elevations between 3,000 feet - 5,000 feet are expected to have great blooms, but different species than the lower elevations of course! This will also occur later in the spring - possibly in late April. Stay tuned as we will update this page with blooming info when we get it!

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